Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Review: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

This book was simply amazing. I have been meaning to try some Brandon Sanderson for a while now and I saw this sitting on the library shelf so I took it home with me ... just over a week later I emerged from a world of dark lords, thieving crews and Allomancy hungry for more.

This is the story of Vin, a skaa street urchin, who finds herself suddenly thrown into the world of Allomancy (magic that gives people an assortment of powers after burning metals), nobility, power plays and one very outlandish plan to overthrow a dark power. I was hooked from page one, the world is so beautifully written and the magic system is so unique and detailed. Coupled with that is a fantastic assortment of characters to get to know, my particular favourites being the ever philosophical Sazed and of course the man at the centre of it all, Kelsier.

I've not really tried adult fantasy before, however I am a long term fan of young adult so it was bound to happen eventually. I have The Well of Ascension on order at the library and it cannot arrive soon enough. Great fun and something I would recommend to any fantasy lovers to try.

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